CBRE File Transfer Services

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How to Upload a File

  1. Enter your full name.
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Click Get Code.
  4. Check your email to find the code. Enter the code into the Verification Code box.
  5. In the Send Email To: box, enter the email addresses of anyone who needs to receive the file(s).
    1. Use a semicolon ( ; ) to separate addresses.
    2. If you don’t want your recipients to see all the addresses the file was sent to, click the Put recipients in bcc box.
  6. To locate the file on your computer, click Browse…
    1. To see all available files, make sure All files (*.*) is selected.
    2. Please compress any HTM/HTML files to a .zip file prior to uploading.
    3. File names may contain the following special characters only:
      ! @ # $ % ( ) _ - . + { } (space)
    4. Once the file is selected, click Open to upload.
  7. Input and confirm a password of your choosing. Note: You will need to provide any recipients with this password; the system will not automatically send it for security purposes.
    1. If you are a CBRE employee, do not use your account password.
    2. Passwords must contain a minimum of:
      Eight total characters One uppercase letter One lowercase character One number
  8. If you wish to be notified each time a user downloads the file, check the box to Notify on Access Attempts.
  9. Optional: Add a message for your recipients.
  10. Enter the characters in the CAPTCHA code.
  11. Click Upload and wait for a notification telling you the upload was completed successfully. Note: The time it takes to upload may vary based on file size and connection speed.
  12. Any recipients you specified will receive an email with a link for download; don’t forget to provide them with the password.